About Me

The picture bursts forth from within as though with its own strength. It simultaneously influences the painting and the viewer. By creating a play between colors and smudges against a uniform background, worlds are formed. It imitates reality, or takes us into other worlds, magical, faraway, and wonderful. The painting tells narratives that alter from one observer to another. From the moment one becomes conscious of this language, and begins to use it, there is no turning back. There is no remaining silent.

I was born on the seashore. I speak in oils and acrylics, in current figurative forms. The messages I wish to convey may be pleasant or disturbing, tacit, colorful, active. I seek to sweep the viewer into my world.

I learned to paint by watching my surroundings, by being interested. I wanted to try, on my own, to realize results that were uniquely mine. The sea  I have a special love for it, the landscape of my homeland, which I insert into my paintings from well-engraved memories and my great concern for the future of our existence on our blue planet, found integrated into the imaginary landscapes and situations.

The image derives from imagination: I create a composition that conveys my wishes, my understandings. Nature s laws are worthy of respect: I try to be rational and authentic.

Light! Throughout the day s hours, the year s seasons, changing, and hypothetical states, fascinates me. I love to shine light onto imagined perspectives, to stage hypothetical situations.

The viewer is a highly important factor: it is essential, to me, that viewers find their  hands and feet in the painting, that they feel invited into the small cosmos appearing on the page, the canvas, the board.
I believe that looking relaxedly at a painting can change the viewer s mood. When, invested in comprehending the painted images, viewers reveal details and hues, they connect with the painting, identify with its images, find themselves swept into its world.
A metamorphosis: the empty, alienating room becomes a warm, embracing home when hung with paintings. Like the flower in its vase, like the pot-plant on the table, so too a painting on the wall is essential food for the soul.
Visiting an exhibition is so much like a delightful journey into other realms, into spheres of aesthetics and thoughts, an escape from our daily humdrum, a refreshing stopover that invigorates our energy.
I hope that I ve successfully met the challenge.